Virtual offices: shaping the present and future of work and corporate spaces

The corporate business model is shifting towards more flexible schemes with hybrid modalities in the real estate sector. In this sense, the rental of office space has a new virtual component, which should continue with the formality, security and support most brands and businesses in the world are looking for.

Thus, the virtual office, which was already a very important option, is once again standing out by providing a kind of tools and equipmentfor those businesses that need to occupy space on a staggered basis, but not on a fixed basis, as well as for those that require specific and personalized services. specific and customized services.

The virtual office is a smart spending option, as it allows you to concentrate your time and money on what is really important, without losing the benefits of a traditional office.

At the same time, it fulfills the need for a formal formal structure structure with the capacity to serve customers, while preserving prestige, flexibility, task concentration and expansion to other regions and branches, which will give your business the projection it needs. and branches, which will give your business the projection it needs.

Vallejo Industrial Zone: reconstruction of the past

It is a corporate modality where you can use spaces in a partial and specific way.and digitally and remotely. In this sense, it gives you the possibility to visit clients, work under your own schedule and give more freedom to your team of collaborators (1).

Vallejo Properties virtual office
The virtual office combines the possibilities of physical and digital space for your business.

With this type of office, you can also occupy the physical space in person, since its objective is to concentrating on the most important collaborative and executive tasksto customers, in order to have a fiscal addressThe company is still very relevant at a professional level, in addition to having a personalized remote attention of your messaging or calls, as part of the tools it offers.

The economic reactivation approach aims to make labor production times and spaces more efficient.

In other words, the virtual office is a digital platform to perform operations remotely, in addition to having the physical address of your company, providing a space to be occupied whenever you need it (2). of your company, providing a space to be occupied whenever you need it (2).

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trends, companies and recommendations in the sector.

Vallejo Industrial Zone: economic and productive present

In the midst of a context of changes in all areas, it is believed that some will be permanent, especially in the return and design of workspaces. It is therefore important to consider the virtual office as a relevant option for new modalities for new modalities.

Change of offices with COVID-19
73% of those surveyed assured that there will be definitive changes, while only 1.45% assured that "no" and 24.64% said that "they would be temporary". Fountain: Real Estate24.

At this point, we suggest that you consider the characteristics of the offices of the future to keep up with the trends and needs of the work teams. trends and needs of the work teamsWe will have to adapt to this new reality, so that we can concentrate our efforts on offering safe spaces. adapt to this new reality.

Real Estate Survey24
Respondents answered about the changes that will take place in the offices, considering the separation panels and the amplitude of the spaces as the most important. Fountain: Real Estate24.

In this sense, the offices of the offices of the future are envisioned as flexible, virtual and modern spaces, with areaswith areas for
coworking areas
or branch offices for the redistribution of personnel, with the key being to retain some tasks to be performed remotelywhile others will have to be performed in dedicated spaces (3).

Individual cubicles, enclosed spaces and standardized schedules seem to be a thing of the past. In this reconfiguration, it should also be considered that there will be better shifts, short and productive face-to-face workdays, and with adapted spaces for workers to return or continue to attend safely (3). for workers to return or continue to attend safely (3).

In this way, the virtual office is a flexible option that can respond to new requirementsThe company’s facilities are designed to create conditions for production in the economic sphere, in addition to generating reliable environments for workers in specific activities, with essential features such as ventilation, partition panels, automatic door opening, the use of voice elevators and signage.

At Vallejo Properties we have the ideal space to carry out your work activities virtually or in work activities virtually or in person in Mexico City in Mexico City and the State of Mexico.

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Vallejo Industrial Zone: future of the region

It is very important to adapt to the new modalities that will allow you to have a current business, where you can hold meetings, exhibitions or courses, in addition to meetings, exhibitions or courses, in addition to serving customers.

This type of office will allow you to reorganize and focus on your more executive activities. and that require the presence of the work teams or contact with the customer. This, in turn, will stimulate concentration and the generation of results with greater order.

In addition, the price can be more affordable because you pay only for the time used. This allows you to create a strategy for using space in a staggered, capacity-limited manner, as recommended in theas recommended in the scientific



In this way, you will comply with the series of measures that the Covid-19 pandemic has brought about, so that virtuality will become a complementary and fundamental axis of the virtuality becomes a complementary and fundamental axis in the reactivation of working life. in the reactivation of working life.

Another highlight is the ability to customize the set of features of the virtual offices, which can be in line with your projects and business.

Another benefit is the cost savings of basic services that are being heavily used during the home office.
home office
The services provided by the company include internet, electricity, water, cleaning, and furniture (chairs and desks). This way you will have offices equipped and ready to be used. In addition to having spaces sufficiently sufficiently illuminated, sanitized, spacious and ventilated.

Virtual office security Vallejo Properties
The virtual office modality will provide the security to carry out specific activities at certain times.

This configuration provides greater freedom and generates less stress for the work team, but it also demands discipline for the team. occupy and make the most of the space. On the other hand, it is important to highlight the improved communication channels and productivity compared to time leakage in the traditional office.

In addition to working from anywhere, you maximize your efficiency, reduce your costs and expand your recruiting networks. (2). This degree of mobility is ideal for the changing world we live in.

Attending and resolving remotely, in addition to focusing in-person efforts on certain focusing face-to-face efforts for certain activities, allows to have greater knowledge and control of the time and monetary investment that this means.The fact of attending and resolving remotely, in addition to focusing on-site efforts for certain activities, allows for greater knowledge and control of time and the monetary investment that this entails.

At Vallejo Properties we have locations in Mexico City and the State of Mexico so that you can prepare these properties according to your needs of leasing or subleasing.

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We suggest you take into account the services included in the rental of this type of space, which can be in the following modalities or virtual domicile modality:

    • Well-equipped offices.
    • Receipt of messagingcorrespondence and calls.
    • Attention of notifications of institutions.
    • Digital folder and e-mail service.
    • Use of facilities (in hours, depending on the branch and the schedule you choose).
    • Internet.
    • Room or meeting rooms or training.
    • Copies, scansprintouts.
    • Coworking

    • Coffee break
      and garden.
    • Team, such as computers and cannons, depending on the number of registered users.
    • Parking.
    • Line telephone.
    • Attention visitors.
    • Reception and secretarial services.

This way you can manage your business profile giving attention to what you need most with a high degree of availability.

Remember that it is very important to to perform your operations remotelyYou can also have a real address where customers can visit you as many times as they want. Contact us for advice and choose the the right space for you,
contact us to offer you the real estate solution you need.

You can also have a hybrid plan that combines the virtual office with the use of fixed hours on a face-to-face basis.

In addition to the basic elements in the rental of an office of this type, in some cases, it is also possible to count with the following services services
premium services
services, which depend on the provider, such as:

  • Reception y
    Bilingual secretarial services.
  • Consulting legal, digital and basic tax, to manage your business from different areas.
  • Access to
  • Transfer service transfer (reception of people at the airport, parcel delivery, chauffeur, courier service).
  • Training on topics related to your sector.

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modern offices.

Vallejo Properties virtual office services
Virtual offices provide specific services for the administration of your business, in addition to having spaces to serve your clients, such as meeting rooms.

Virtual office: keys and perspectives

The virtual office is an ideal ideal space to give a professional and positive image to your to your visitors or clients through the details: business address, contact forms and meeting space.

It also represents a way to break into new markets, as you can move from virtual to physical space. from the virtual to the physical spacethrough installation strategies in the regions of your regions of your interestby means of branches according to your business deal.

This is an ever-present option that will give a boost to your professional and productive network to be part of the most important economic scenarios at a national level, in addition to facilitating the management of your business and achieve a balance between your work and personal life.

Whether you are looking for this type of or your business is looking to provide this type of space for subletting, we have the for sublease, at Vallejo Properties we can offer you the ideal property. We offer you a 25% discount on your rent for the first six months, if you are a new customer. Contact us to find the perfect space for your business.

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office rental.


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