Modern offices: key spaces in the new ways of working by 2021

The extension of precautionary health measures in the various work spaces have reorganized, at least in the short and medium term, corporate dynamics and business models for the real estate sector.

This means that the opportunity to win strategic spaces in labor terms for the immediate future it will be a key piece in the transformation of the office schemes for this year.

On the one hand, we have a trend that is oriented to the hybrid model , with a combination between the home office and face-to-face work in the office in a satellite and spaced manner (three days at the office and two at home, for example).

On the other hand, there is a need to have larger spaces for fewer people , with which the demand for more offices or branches is generated, anticipating the healthy distance that must be implemented in these places.

Likewise, the shared or associated income model with other companies or partners , so that the investment of large amounts of money is not necessary to buy a space.

The offer remains open and the need for modern offices, fully equipped and with all security measures, continues.

These three scenarios, broadly speaking, are determining the change in the business model of the offices and the reconditioning of spaces , since labor and corporate dynamics cannot remain stationary any longer.

In turn, it is a priority provide suitable spaces for professional work to company employees and collaborators , which are currently consuming all their resources and time in their own home, being a difficult and expensive space to equip.

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Vallejo Industrial Zone: reconstruction of the past

Nowadays, The offices must meet certain characteristics, not only for a matter of innovation, but also of conditioning based on sanitary measures and technological synchronization, linked to all aspects of the place.

Modern office spaces must be shared with few people Vallejo Properties
The spaces in modern offices should be shared with few people,
which must be protected all the time with face masks.

The conception of new spaces, coupled with the change in labor dynamics (staggered, distanced, hybrid and flexible) is determining the new demands in the sector , whose rental of spaces has decreased by 2% (1).

In this sense, modern offices have the well-being of their users as a priority and are therefore open to constant redesign. and, therefore, are open to constant redesign in order to optimize processes to optimize processes and facilitate the daily tasks of employees.

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We also consider these elements fundamental in modern offices (2):

• Furniture ergonomic, multifunctional and adaptable.

• Equipment versatile.

• Decor warm or sober, depending on the identity of the business.

Spaces fused with the technology.

These points are fundamental in a modern office that, in addition, must take into account the following (2):

• Characteristics of the space: square meters, number of columns, windows, doors, number of users, organization, distribution, facilities and current state of the surroundings.

• Needs and functions: Define the specific activities that your collaborators will carry out, especially if there will be a redesign of the tasks, taking into account those that they can carry out without problem from home or those that are essential to do in the office.

With this, you will determine the work team that will occupy the space and the hours it will need, in addition to evaluating whether they are going to meet with clients or other team members.

• Adaptability of all aspects: not only of space but also of work management, to make the office more efficient with a precise dynamic and organization, according to the current staff.

With these considerations, you will be enabling reorganization and project work in your business, giving attention to your equipment without having to worry about space. At Vallejo Properties we can advise you to find the ideal office that meets these new demands. Write to us and we will get in touch.

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The spaces must be distributed
The spaces in modern offices must be distributed in such a way
let there be a distance between each section or area.

Vallejo Industrial Zone: economic and productive present

In this year the design, construction and equipment of workspaces to achieve full adaptation in terms of safety and technology. Let’s review what are the central points of this new context that will lay the foundations about the present and future of modern offices (3):

• Separate spaces with their own file and glass walls. It is very important to redesign the office occupancy to allocate cubicles more distant from each other, and allow that the air circulates freely , which can give more structure and functionality.

We suggest use glass walls or partitions with profiles to provide acoustic separation and allow natural light to enter the site. Remember that this should also apply to all common spaces to achieve a better distribution.

Likewise, it is important not to lose sight of spaces continue to be proposed as meeting and collaboration points , connected with technology.

This will continue to be maintained, albeit to a limited extent, which means that there will be meeting rooms, but these should be much more spacious and accommodate small teams , of four or five people, to operate a project or agree on decision-making.

These spaces must be equipped to connect computers, screens, projectors, virtual reality equipment, among others.

This point is fundamental, since technology is a key point that will be part of daily life at work. For this reason, having cutting-edge technologies is essential to strengthen and accelerate the processes of a team.

Offices Open Space. This trend considers the comfort as a central point to offer acoustic booths that allow making calls or videoconferences, due to the prevalence of remote work and taking into account that the teams may not be present every day, unless it is a small group.

In this sense, only one planning that allows sanitizing the space after a day of use, considering that there will be a previous calendar to use it and prevent several people from passing through the same space.

It is also important that there be open spaces connected to gardens or balconies , so that the offices are not completely closed.

The entry of light and air is essential for any office Vallejo Properties
The entry of light and air is essential for the configuration
of space in modern offices.

• Lighting and ventilation. It is very important that the spaces are comfortable and spacious , in addition to being very well lit and allowing air to pass in the best way, either with large windows or artificial ventilation circuits.

Likewise, it seeks to follow the trend in the use of materials such as metals, wood and natural raw materials for the design of spaces.

• Safety at work. At Vallejo Properties we take into account all trends to restructure the spaces based on the current context.

This means that we have taken into account the redistribution , planning and signage in the workspaces, to guarantee the distancing and hygiene, in addition to considering the importance of technology in the offices, making them more adapted and optimized spaces than ever. Contact us to find out what you need.

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Vallejo Industrial Zone: future of the region

Beyond the own design to the interior of the offices, it is necessary take into account the change in labor dynamics.

On the one hand, there is talk of an increase of 15% in the space per employee in the offices, that is, there are lower density, what does that mean the spaces will need to be wider to keep the healthy distance and reduce the risk of infections (4) (5).

Also, in some cases, due to the telework penetration (ranging from -3.70% to 4.25%) (5) rental prices may drop in some areas , due to the change in demand for these spaces.

If you are looking for an office to carry out activities, or part of them, with your work team, this could be the ideal time, in strategic and demand terms.

In fact, at Vallejo Properties we offer you a 25% discount in the first six months, if you are a new customer. We suggest you take advantage of this opportunity, You just have to review our section on offices to find what you need.

Another predominant approach is the hybrid, which considers remote work added to that of a satellite office, where some employees are removed from the central office to a local to reduce distances, routes and density in space, and to achieve specific activities that require the physical presence, although distanced, of people (5).

Another approach that is emerging is association between owners and suppliers, which will make more office projects viable, with new agreements that reformulate the traditional lease (5).

The current trends on the part of office providers will be about what new or extra they can offer their clients so that the work experience is complete and safe.

In this sense, a change could be seen in the reallocation of shared income between two or more branches from the same provider, in order to take advantage of the available space to carry out tasks of the same nature, but with flexible and interspersed schedules.

The main objective of modern offices is to open spaces and connect with green areas Vallejo Properties
The main objective of modern offices is to open spaces, connect with green areas, and ensure the comfort, security and interconnectivity of employees.

Another route is the trend based on subscriptions , in order to create a network of people and distributed work teams, as part of the community occupying that space. This type of modality has yet to be developed.

Definitely, trends and business models are evolving. The reality of social distancing has permeated, at least in the medium term, different sectors, such as corporate, which are in the process of fully adapting to this new normal. The sooner it is dealt with, the better the results.

So the key is in create agile real estate solutions , where the modern office space, of a flexible type, is a fundamental component for the immediate future, as considered by 86% of the respondents of the real estate agency CBRE (5).

For these reasons, at Vallejo Properties, We offer you everything you need to take the next step towards the forefront of new spaces and work dynamics , just write to us and let’s start working .

Remember to ensure that your employees have the equipped space they need, in addition to the security and trust to return little by little to face-to-face activities.

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