Economic reactivation of the corporate sector: outlook, perspectives and guidelines of return to work

Mexico Like many other countries in the world, it has taken some steps towards economic reactivation, without neglecting the resolution protocols for the prevailing international health emergency.

This stage where productive activities are gradually being resumed has been called “New normal”.

In this sense, the industrial, commercial and corporate sectors are redefining their return protocols , as well as its business models, in some cases, to reactivate its activities with suppliers, clients and collaborators in the short and medium term.

The first industries that resumed their activities are those related to construction, the automotive sector and mining, as they are considered essential tasks.

To give greater order to the return, a traffic light , according to the development of the pandemic by Covid-19:

• Red. In this phase, only the essential activities are carried out, gradually and with follow-up protocols within the industries and companies.

• Orange. Sectors considered non-essential can reopen, but under the rules of healthy distance and reduced assistance in offices, shops and factories.

• Yellow. Reopening of public spaces, but with limited capacity.

• Green. Return to all activities, including educational ones.

According to this organization, the economic reactivation plan in Mexico takes into account the return to normality, with the due health care , under the principles of solidarity , nondiscrimination , efficiency productive, responsibility shared, moral economy, and protection of health and life (1).

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Vallejo Industrial Zone: reconstruction of the past

The Economic Reactivation Plan at the federal level It considers the different mechanisms of the states and municipalities to govern its implementation.

In this regard, it is considered of vital importance reordering production in terms of efficiency , taking care of health and occupation times in offices, shops or factories, by permanently monitoring the health of workers to avoid contagion and the chain of transmission.

The economic reactivation approach aims to make the times and spaces for labor production more efficient.

economic reactivation return to offices with limited occupancy Vallejo Properties
The economic reactivation must go hand in hand with the sanitary control in the return to the offices and industrial and commercial spaces, with a limited occupation.

In addition, the economic reactivation in Mexico is related with various factors, such as the activity of the United States, which is the main trading partner, in addition to oil prices, the state of tourism, remittances and domestic consumption, which has been reduced by up to 60% (1) .

Undoubtedly, these great challenges are part of the strategic route for economic reactivation from the country. Some keys to achieve the balance between health care and economic recovery are (1):

1. Constant monitoring of all cases and capacity to detect, manage and prevent infections.

2. Continue investment in the corporate sector, especially to incentivize a return to work with sufficient supplies and, if necessary, reconditioned infrastructure.

3. Implement measures in a differentiated way, according to the region and the level of cases presented.

In this sense, the measures to reactivate the economy must adhere to the redirection of labor, commercial, industrial and health, since a large part of the activities cannot remain stagnant and, on the contrary, they must be carried out in spaces conducive to this.

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Vallejo Industrial Zone: economic and productive present

Given the current situation, it is essential to reorganize work environments to optimize them and make them practical, efficient and safe.

That is why the reconfiguration of companies plays a fundamental role for the economic reactivation in Mexico, since the corporate scenario must take into account the following when returning to work (2):

Reorganize and consider the needs of the workforce. It is possible that some workers can continue working remotely, given the type of activity, but in some other cases, it is necessary to activate points of sale, branches and offices, as they are an important space for contact with customers, investors, suppliers and other collaborators.

These spaces must be equipped to connect computers, screens, projectors, virtual reality equipment, among others.

In this regard, it is also important that a suitable, equipped and safe site is offered for employees, since in this phase of the new normal, home office work (in terms of equipment and time management) is being tiring, little efficient or impossible to sustain.

Lead and communicate change. It is important to manage and solve, where possible, the concerns of employees to lead with empathy and direction. In this aspect, the crisis management team can be employed, if one has one, to guide the transition and return to work, so that communication follows the same course between remote and face-to-face collaborators.

Prepare a training plan. This will have to retake the strengths prior to isolation and those developed during it, to train the work team in the new processes, policies and procedures of the operation.

In this sense, it is essential to accelerate automation and digital transformation for the immediate future, which can be done hand in hand with a digital marketing agency.

Develop measurement tools. Metrics must be established to evaluate the success of the transition at the level of well-being, commitment and productivity, since it is a completely new process for a large part of the industries and countries in the world. In this way, corporate responsibility will be fulfilled in the midst of the return to work and the health scenario.

The return to the work places must be carried out in a safe and formal manner Vallejo Properties
The return to the workplace must be carried out in a safe and formal manner. Resuming activities in the office will allow your work team to have the appropriate spaces for it.

In addition to these points, it is very important foster empathy with return to work policies and culture , and operate under the new demands of customers, suppliers, investors, partners and collaborators, so it is essential to be attentive to these changes (2).

Similarly, at this time, companies have more information to develop an action plan , in relation to (2):

New ways of job hybrid.

• Security requirements , such as the use of face masks, gel, distance signage, tests to workers, among others.

Tracing contacts or possible infections.

• Distribution of the workforce in different branches and offices, to promote physical distancing, as well as reconfigure work schedules and shifts in place, and thus avoid peak occupancy in transportation.

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Vallejo Industrial Zone: future of the region

Currently the recovery of spaces and jobs is essential , which can be achieved with the control measures indicated in the Technical Guidelines for Health Safety in the Work Environment .

The strategy of returning to activities in the “new normal” must consider all the measures that will allow you to safely install your work team in the appropriate spaces.

One of the modalities that is gaining relevance in corporate or work spaces is the office rental , since it allows you to make a controlled investment in that sense, to install your collaborators and resume activities facing your clients and investors.

The main recommendations on control and sanitation measures for the return to be completely safe are the following (3) (4):

Security protocol

• Planning. Have a committee responsible for implementing, monitoring and supervising the new measures, in addition to identifying the type of alert and keeping the work team informed about the general health status.

Define health promotion measures. Consider the areas that the office has: common areas, departments, customer service spaces, cubicles, meeting rooms, warehouses, among others, to disseminate the measures.

• Select health protection measures. Implement with protocols and equipment the actions to take care of the collaborators and the people who enter, in a general way, in the offices.

Likewise, outbreak prevention measures must be taken in the company; that is, refer people with symptoms home (after a medical check-up) and identify those who have been in contact with a possible carrier, to carry out a medical follow-up and apply, if applicable, home protection.

Information and training. Install official infographics, inform about the return strategy, train workers about current regulations and promote “non-discrimination” with respect to people who have had Covid-19.

• Temporary policies. Consider that the measures generated in the work centers are made with the intention of reducing infections, so they will not be occupied forever, but their success depends on the reduction of risk in the work area and the area in which it is located.

• Advice and support. It is important to monitor and supervise at all times the provisions that are established at a general level and with the competent authorities, to review possible modifications or updates in the workplace.

• Complete the Health Safety Self-Assessment document. This last point refers to completing the process officially before the authorities in charge.

Economic reactivation Vallejo Properties
Office rental is a current trend to have adequate and safe spaces for your work team. Transition and return to your activities successfully.

Access spaces

The entry and exit It must be controlled to differentiate the exclusive entrances and exits for personnel, even with physical barriers. There must be sanitary filters to identify possible carriers of the virus.

• If someone is identified as a possible carrier it is owed isolate and redirect to your home or hospital, depending on the severity of the case.

All offices must provide antibacterial gel and verify the correct use of the face mask , which must be used at all times.

The use of disinfectant mats with low concentration of sodium hypochlorite.

Healthy distance policies

Count on training to learn how to prevent and control the spread of the virus with measures such as hand washing, proper practice of sneezing and coughing, as well as avoiding spitting and touching your face with your hands.

generate cleaning and disinfection protocols on surfaces and objects of common use in offices, cubicles and meeting rooms.

Follow the physical distancing one and a half meters between people.

Set up alternate schedules to occupy common areas such as bathrooms and food or meeting areas.

• To guarantee drinking water, soap, toilet paper, disposable towels and antibacterial gel permanently.

Count on sufficient deposits of disposable products.

Implement the use of stairs with healthy distance and without touching the railings, in addition to watching that in the elevator there are no more than two people per square meter. It is highly recommended to wash your hands after touching the buttons in the elevator.

To have masks and face shields among workers, if possible.

If you have population considered vulnerable (elderly people, pregnant women, people with diabetes, hypertension, etc.) in the workforce, it is necessary to have a medical follow-up and assign their work remotely, but if this is not possible, these people must have protective equipment in place .

After making these considerations for both micro, small, medium and large companies, a safe transition from work teams to offices. Remember that the health situation is temporary; that is why it is essential to have a return route to start and ease the transition.

Having safe and equipped spaces is vitally important for avoid human and economic losses that will have a greater impact on your business. At Vallejo Properties we give you a high quality real estate solution. Contact us to give you more details about our catalog.

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