We are a commercial real estate company with more than 25 years of experience in the market.

Vallejo Properties is a leading commercial real estate developer and operator in the Mexico City real estate market with locations in the following areas; Vallejo, Polanco, Tultitlán, Col. Juárez. and Col. Doctors.

Our business model is to acquire, develop, and rent industrial, corporate, and commercial spaces in the most important and strategic areas in CDMX and the metropolitan area. Our mission is to offer comprehensive and efficient solutions that contribute to the success of all our clients. We have a very diverse portfolio of spaces that includes: offices, commercial spaces, warehouses, industrial warehouses, and distribution centers, all located in strategic points in Mexico.

Vallejo Properties is the private investment group with the largest number of properties in the Vallejo Industrial area. Our experience in the development, operation, and management of properties is supported by the more than 200,000 m2 of spaces that we have today. We work incessantly to ensure that the facilities are always in optimal operation, and meet the needs of our customers. We have highly trained personnel, who are in charge of keeping all the properties always in perfect condition.

Our expertise to adapt the properties to the needs of our clients have given us the privilege of collaborating with large national and international companies, among which the following stand out: