Warehouses: keys to selecting, leasing and adapting this industrial space in 2021

The current state of the ships for rent varies between the 13 main industrial zones in Mexico of this real estate market. In the northern border (Tijuana, Ciudad Juarez), there is a shortage of class A spaces due to high demand, so exit prices are high (1).

In the Saltillo and Querétaro area, this activity has slowed down and, therefore, prices have dropped. In the areas of Monterrey, Guadalajara and Mexico City , very representative for this market, a stability in the continuity of the rent, despite the vacancy (1).

Of course, the policies as a result of the pandemic have slowed down the progress in the construction of this type of property, which has not allowed the development of new options and locations.

It is very important to consider that leasing an industrial-type warehouse offers greater benefits than buying, since it allows you to reduce operating costs, have more flexibility when changing location, depending on the type of contract, increase the space in other operating branches and even apply for tax exemption (1).

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Vallejo Industrial Zone: reconstruction of the past

The selection of a warehouse depends on whether you are changing location, expanding your territory or starting in this industrial sector. Para cualquiera de estos escenarios debes tomar en cuenta lo siguiente (1) (2):

1) Measure the investment. Consider whether it is best to buy, rent or build, based on your numbers and growth forecasts. We recommend you to consider renting as the main option to avoid disbursing a large amount of money and, in this way, evaluate the results and benefits of the property and the location.

With this return to activities, it is essential to take care and calculate investments in order to take firm and strong steps in the process of economic return.

Industrial buildings Vallejo Properties
The warehouses are fundamental spaces for any industrial activity that requires loading and unloading of merchandise, in addition to the coordination of large-scale commercial operations.

2) Rate the location. It is very important to be close to urban areas and the strategic center of your sector, which allows you to be close to services, supplies, suppliers, clients and even the competition, which can represent valuable alliances and status for the industrial sector in the that you perform.

For that you must know the main industrial zones as technological references and in trend. In the

Vallejo Industrial Zone

you will find a perspective of transformation and economic and productive strategy at another level, in the region.

3) Calculate the type and size of the ship. It is very important to consider not only the current state of your business or project, but to make a forecast of the growth perspective you have in the short, medium and long term, so that you choose a place that meets those expectations.

Once you check that everything is in order and working properly with that supplier, you can extend the rental period. This will also give stability to your business not only to temporarily solve the need for a space, but also to project it to your customers and suppliers with the location you will have.

It is important to review the characteristics of the ship according to the type: class A or B.

With those of class A you will have the assurance that they comply with international standards to prevent risks when operating the place, since they have areas for offices, fire tanks, independent transformers, among other important elements.

In addition to being a space where air circulates correctly, there are platforms equipped and with services such as drinking water, electricity or gas. These types of buildings are in safe and well-maintained areas.

At Vallejo Properties we have class A properties that have everything you need to carry out your industrial activities in an avant-garde and professional way. in an avant-garde and professional way.

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4) Take into account the characteristics of the ship. In addition to this, it is important that the space has the highest possible height to stow products, in addition to optimizing the control of inventories and loads. In this sense, vertical storage is more functional than horizontal storage.

Another element is the spacing between columns, which, the greater the distance between them, the wider the storage and the fewer the interruptions. The ideal is 18 x 22 meters.

It is also important that the floor is made of concrete with a considerable thickness: in the case of retail or ecommerce , the measurement is 15 centimeters with a resistance of 5 tons per square meter.

This is very important, since depending on your activity and purpose of occupation of the property, you must consider some technical elements to avoid risks and damages, such as fractures, in the areas of higher concentration.

On the other hand, platforms and ramps are fundamental elements for the dispatch and rapid loading of operations, in addition to facilitating the loading and unloading of units. The suggestion is that there be one platform for every thousand square meters. The inclusion of these items in the rent should be reviewed with the supplier.

empty industrial building with rows of racks
The operation and movement spaces are essential in the ships to give agility to the transfer of merchandise to the interior and exterior of the property.

A final element is the maneuvering yard space, which is essential to facilitate movements within the site’s roadways in order to avoid mishaps.

The commercialization of industrial buildings reached 2.6 million square meters, from January to September 2020, which includes renovations and pre-leases (3).

5) Rcheck the roads and transport. It is necessary to think not only about the internal distribution of the place and its equipment, but also about accessibility for workers, suppliers, end customers and other collaborators, since it will allow you to be an economic, productive and strategic center, in relation to the costs that It represents mobilizing human and industrial equipment.

In addition, connectivity is very important in order to reduce the times and costs for the layout of deliveries, so we suggest you be close to the entrances and exits of the city or cities where you provide your services.

6C Consider the total expenses. In this sense, calculate the cost of the rent plus the services or maintenance that you must pay in the facilities, if necessary.

Also, foresee if you must invest in conditioning, in terms of infrastructure, supply, security circuits (due to the insurance issue) and specific repairs (especially with covers).

On Vallejo Properties we have everything you need to occupy and make the most of the industrial property. Write us to give you all the details.

7) Check the regulations and certificates of the area. We suggest that you examine this point to ensure that everything is in order with respect to municipal, urban planning (construction quality) and energy indications, if applicable, according to the area and type of activity that can be carried out. This will ensure greater peace of mind and support for your business.

8) E xamines the security infrastructure. At this point it is very important to consider security both outside and inside, since we are talking about a property where both high-value personnel and equipment are concentrated.

That is why it is suggested that the warehouse be located in an industrial park, that is, be in an area of the same sector, with 24/7 security, in addition to having controlled and fenced access.

Inside the building it is very important to have telecommunications, water, gas, electricity and fire fighting systems.

9) Review the contract in detail. It is always important to take the time to review each clause and resolve any doubts that may arise, since real estate contracts can vary in duration (from short to long term) and the commitment that is acquired is important for both parties. Check and negotiate with your provider, if necessary.

It is also important that you try not to make the following mistakes when evaluating a property for rent (1):

– Giving preference to price over qualityA cheaper property can compromise the condition of your products, deliveries and your business reputation. Therefore, it is necessary to fully evaluate the project and assess the price according to the characteristics and guarantees it offers.

– Some insurance policies do not cover or charge a much higher price if the location of your storage property is not in an area considered secure. if the location of your storage property is not in an area that is considered safe, as the security filters and the area may increase the chances of an incident.

– Never do without safety systems. It is not worth saving them, since you may have an accident due to the type of material you store, or it may even happen that the adjoining buildings (in case you are located in an industrial park) have flammable or dangerous products, which may end up causing an incident where your merchandise is compromised and you have to cover the expenses on your own.

All these details can be solved by using professional real estate providers . At

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we are located in two of the most important industrial zones in the center of the country: Industrial Vallejo, in Mexico City, and the municipality of Tultitlán in the State of Mexico. Remember that we work with custom projects or Built to Suit.

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. If you want to know more about zones, trends and recommendations, read our article.

Compliance with health regulations for industrial spaces Vallejo Properties
Cleaning, lighting and ventilation of all areas in industrial buildings is essential to comply with the health regulations of these spaces.


The main points on the subject of cleaning and disinfection cleaning and disinfection of this type of space, either internally orwhether internally or with an external supplier, are (4):

– Periodically disinfect warehouses and vehiclesand common areas and furnishings, and treat industrial waste handling and disposal in an optimal manner.

– Use approved viricidal disinfectants or other procedures to achieve better results, such as spraying, fogging or ultraviolet light.to achieve better results, such as spraying, fogging or ultraviolet light.

– Use hygiene and prevention measures with workers: gel, hydroalcohol, mats, separation between sections, use of mouth covers.

– Place informative signs as a reminder of uses and rules within the site, for employees, customers and suppliers.

– Communicate measures and suggestions by e-mail on a regular basis, as well as by mail, as well as cleaning and staggered work protocols.

The Mexico City Metropolitan Zone increased its inventory by more than 90 thousand square meters (3), with Tultitlán and Cuautitlán as the municipalities with the greatest increase in construction.

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Resuming industrial activities is an economic boost Vallejo Properties
Retomar las actividades industriales le dará un nuevo empuje económico a los ámbitos que realizan sus operaciones en naves

Ships: keys and perspectives 2021

Some of the main changes and and prospects in the industrial buildings sector as a result of the pandemic and its influence on health, economic andand its influence on health, economic and production levels, are (5):

– The rise of e-commerce has changed the dimensions of industrial spaces: floor space has decreased for retail stores and increased in warehousing services, with heights beyond what is customary .

– The demand for substantial improvement in time, cost and processes to provide flexibility in various operations, such as returns, prompt delivery, efficient supply, last mile optimization

last mile

and personalized attention at industrial and commercial levels.

– Massive data collection for automation and efficiency of strategic decisions.The company’s strategic decisions, through intelligent tools and the processing of big data, especially at the customer portfolio level and new business opportunities that allow quick and efficient decisions to be made.

– Influence of technology and the internet for the improvement of the spaces in terms of maintenance, safety and efficiency, with sensors and augmented reality, to promote spaces in a 360-degree manner.

In addition to the use of
for the signing of contracts in a secure manner and with continuous monitoring. It is also important to use the
big data
for the traceability of health and cases of contagion in real estate, taking into account that it is also useful in the detection of opportunities for commercial supply and demand.

– Digitization of supply chain and customs management procedures to facilitate the distribution of food and essential supplies.The digitalization of procedures for supply chains and customs management, which facilitates the distribution of food and essential supplies.

– Culture of governance with environmental care and social responsibility (with savings in water, energy, waste management and quality customer experience), to create greater reputation and value of assets and acquisitions in the eyes of creditors, suppliers, shareholders and customers, taking into account the community in which the warehouse, park or industrial zone is located.

In the first 9 months of the year, the distribution of demand for industrial warehouses was: 34% logistics, 26% manufacturing, 15% ecommerce and 10% automotive (3).

Against this backdrop of recovery, it is very important to regain control of the production and supply chains in order to set the new course for industry, employment and consumption in a more optimal way in these times.In order to set the new course for industry, employment and consumption in a more optimal way and in line with the times.

A final tip when leasing industrial space is to think about the scalability of your business. scalability of your business: how the space can be adjusted according to the expansion of your project or even how it can help it continue to grow.

This plan must be very well grounded so that the rental of a warehouse is the starting point of your large-scale industrial project. in your large-scale industrial project.

For every $1 billion in ecommerce sales, an additional 120,000 square meters of warehouse space is required (6).

In Vallejo Properties you can count on our industrial infrastructure to expand your company, optimizing time and costs with equipped properties located in strategic areas of the CDMX and the State of Mexico. We offer you a 25% discount on your rent for the first six months, if you are a new customer. Visit our real estate catalog and contact us.

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