Cluster: guide to benefits, types and trends in 2021

In a context of constant innovation and competitiveness at an industrial and economic level, the clusters play a fundamental role as collaboration node, link and organization system of companies in a specific geographical environment.

This concept has been used since 1990, and comes from the English term cluster which refers to set of companies, institutions and associations that are in the same economic category and occupy a physical space with strategic objectives.

In this sense, the interconnectivity , the features Y common and complementary projects , give rise to companies that provide products and services, as well as industries and institutions from different areas under the same network of concentration.

These agglomerations of specialization enable the joint, efficient and collective action of various knowledge poles in cities.

Vallejo Industrial Zone: reconstruction of the past

Specifically, the cluster represents a group of neighboring industries or establishments that operate in close proximity of allied groups and competition, due to the similar activities they carry out.

Cluster Vallejo Properties
The cluster is a conglomerate of industries that are ordered by sector or according to geographic location.

In this way, the industrial complex concentrates the companies sectorally or geographically according to criteria related to the activity, degree of specialization, type of production, agents (suppliers, producers, retailers , among others), technologies and production systems.

The main objective is to maintain and increase competitiveness, since the agents that participate can do so directly, indirectly or in the creation of final goods.

Undoubtedly, the industrial cluster is one of the largest productive capitals that promotes the areas in which it is located, in order to promote the community at the level of knowledge and efficiency.

The main features and benefits that we can find in this type of agglomerates are:

Increase the competence , collaboration and bond formal and informal.

Group to various entities as clients, manufacturers, distributors and suppliers, as well as agents such as government, chambers of commerce, professional and industrial associations, and even the scientific and academic community.

Accelerate, spread and exchange technology, knowledge and specialized equipment.

Attract other actors, companies and financing agents to investments and alliances various.

Reply to supply, demand and capacity from certain areas.

Set up networks with common goals and built relationships vertically and horizontally.

Secure the leadership , the competitiveness Y Vanguard of the area.

Develop human capital and improve processes and capabilities organization.

Increase the productivity of companies and industries, in addition to promoting innovation and stimulate formation of new companies.

Create greater division of labor and focus on common goals, such as internationalization, training and technological and security development.

Generate higher trust and reputation versus the competition, customers and other regions.

Promote new business ideas.

Empower scale economics through the specialization, production and marketing joint.

Optimize flows communication and promote infrastructure services around industrial sectors.

Specifically, advantage What does this mean for a business in particular they are:

The access to new markets.

The improvement competitive .

The efficient use of basic and complementary resources.

The realization of Projects in a shared and innovative way.

Be part of economies of concentration and regionalization.

The creation of new businesses and alliances.

Share resources, time, instruments or people that allow you to generate new projects.

Industrial zone made up of Vallejo Properties clusters
Industrial zones are made up of clusters such as knowledge and avant-garde poles in cities.

In this way, the value of the cluster is not only economic, but social, since it represents a point of knowledge and activity with great impact in the area at a regional, national and, in some cases, international level, in the face of other companies and industries.

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Compliance with health regulations for industrial spaces Vallejo Properties
Cleaning, lighting and ventilation of all areas in industrial buildings is essential to comply with the health regulations of these spaces.


The first division of the clusters is centered on the type of industries that compose it, so they can be classified into two types:

1. Vertical. The industries that participate and are part of the supply and distribution chain.

2. Horizontal. It refers to the industries that share market, technology, knowledge, human or financial resources on similar products.

The second division has to do more with him cluster approach , What can be:

1. Industrial. Normally, saying “industrial cluster” or “cluster” simply refers to the same thing, since they are agglomerations of a similar category, such as an automotive, aerospace, tourism, business, transport, manufactured products, logistics cluster , or regional or national, depending on its scope.

2. Value chain. It refers to the businesses that buy and sell their products or services to each other. Their main advantage is that by being close they can reduce costs and obtain greater profits compared to the competition.

3. Technological. Research centers and universities make up the heart of this type of cluster that is committed to high technology and applied knowledge, through the research and studies they carry out.

4. Endowment factorial. They are specific clusters of an area and area associated with that activity, such as a business cluster in the Vallejo Industrial Zone.

This division aims to locate the characteristics of the types of complexes and activities that are carried out in each cluster, but it is not mutually exclusive. The number of companies that we can see in this type of group is a maximum of 10, with a few as the center of the cluster.

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Apple business complex in the United States
Apple's business complex in the United States It is an example of a technological conglomerate in the area.

Examples of business and industrial clusters

Silicon Valley it is a great example of sustained competitive advantage, division of tasks, demand for professionals and attraction of talent. For the subject of the manufacturing , the pearl river in china represents a very important area at the manufacturing level.

For their part, cities like Singapore, Tokyo, Hong Kong, London and New York They are financial capital that, through institutional support, reputation, quality of life and infrastructure, attract new investments from companies and talents around the activities of the cluster.

Clusters can be of different types, either with an industrial or business focus, but in both cases they represent a cutting edge and strategy pole.

In the case of fashion , for example, Paris, Milan, Madrid and New York they are centers of the creative climate and the evolution of the industry. These examples allow locating not only the industrial model, but also the business model, and the importance of the clusters being maintained and generating relationships and alliances to take competition and production to another level.

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Ships: keys and perspectives 2021

Clusters are part of the zone development policy , so it is very important to consider which are the best areas that can favor, at an industrial level, the conditions of development of companies.

The structure of the industry, the competition scheme, the demand, supply and general situation of the area to be developed must be considered.

It is also very important to define two elements: strategic segments and geographic scope , since this determines the challenges of the sector at the level of competitiveness.

In the first case, we refer to making a diagnosis of the products and services in the area and those to be established in the cluster , to evaluate the dynamics of complementarity.

In the second point, we deal with the geographical location and the benefits it can provide us , at the time of contacting our customers and suppliers.

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Constant Monitoring Cluster in Vallejo Properties industrial complexes
Constant monitoring of connectivity, security and data management is essential in real time to optimize processes in industrial complexes.

Trends 2021

In the area of technology there are a number of elements which are essential to keep us updated industrial and economic level:

• High performance connectivity. It is very important that your business has the ability to constantly communicate and rethink the design of strategies, using data and information transfer as the main point.

In addition, it is essential to consider the automation of processes, with speed and guaranteed connection, to lead decisions in real time and with innovative capacity, especially in the area of machine learning and the ecommerce .

• Guaranteed security. This point goes hand in hand with the previous one, since it is essential to provide the migration processes and management of information in real time with maximum security.

Therefore, you must have a threat monitoring service, which provides constant protection in the priority lines of business, since data management is, at the same time, fundamental and delicate.

• Organization of remote productivity. For some companies it will be essential to maintain this hybrid work scheme, in addition to shifts interspersed in factories, industrial warehouses , ships, corporations and businesses.

For this reason, it is very important to have remote activities and deliveries under control, as well as the communication of the different areas, as if they were in the same space.

Security, connectivity and productivity are fundamental elements for the development of companies and business objectives.

This can be achieved with the help of a space equipped and adapted to the current needs of industries. Undoubtedly, these cells have a great impact on the companies that comprise them, in addition to the regional and national economies.

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