New forms of work: modalities, examples and keys in labor reorganization

The world has changed and redefined the forms of work that were believed to be future to shape the present of digital functionalities and human capacities in the reorganization of companies.

Currently, digital tools, artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, in addition to nanotechnology, robotics, big data and the internet of things have merged the operational and data management at other levels, and they have allowed us to continue working, in some cases, remotely.

Jobs are being modified by new methods, organizational processes and tools to which people, spaces and companies must adapt.

This, without abandoning the level of commitment and productivity in corporate culture , in addition to being able to measure and reward performance, which is still prevalent even in these times.

Vallejo Industrial Zone: reconstruction of the past

At present, there are different work modalities, which have changed the employment options for the corporate and real estate sectors , to offer spaces in accordance with these dynamics.

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Well-lit, open spaces are essential for a premium work experience, especially under new job needs.

Although some already existed, others have changed their characteristics a bit and have been complemented to offer various benefits to workers, companies and ongoing projects or businesses.

• Freelance. This form has had a rebound in terms of the skills it requires, which have been necessary to replicate in other forms of work, to carry out projects for different clients under a more open organization scheme, without there being an employment relationship, rather than commercial, in between. 

For some companies, this is a viable option where, on some occasions, a company space must be provided to hold certain events or meetings with this type of collaborator.

• Smart working. This is the name given to labor practices in which technology has been a vitally important resource to improve productivity, efficiency, communication and creativity of projects.

Flexible work. This, while considered as an option, has also become a fundamental feature of teleworking and telecommuting. home officeIn some cases, the typical office schedule requirements have had to be reorganized to give employees more leeway, control and freedom to decide what time, when and where to work. 

– Teleworking. This modality was already present, although to a lesser extent, in some of the companies, as part of a hybridization between face-to-face work in the office and other home office days. home office .

Currently, it is the type of work that a large part of the industries in the world have had to resort to, due to the coronavirus. This form, which is also considered flexible, can cover work at home or remotely, from other types of safe and appropriate environments.

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• Hot or hybrid offices. In this version, part of the work is done in the office and another part anywhere, which can be your home, a library or even on the beach.

What is important in this hybridization is the focus on the workspace as a way of concentrating teams to do certain activities, as well as being the core of innovation for the creation and feedback of collaborative ecosystems. 

For some companies, this means occupying 10-25% less of their space (1), which can be reoriented towards subleasing to make that other part of the office profitable.

This space can be offered to external collaborators, suppliers, allies, direct clients or other companies or start-ups with the idea of creating new alliances.

The workspace is transforming towards a sustainable and flexiworking perspective, combining a remote and face-to-face model, aimed at being more efficient and productive.

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New ways of working require diverse locations that facilitate access and corporate support for your workers and clients.


For some companies, the degree of flexibility also goes hand in hand with institutional or corporate support , that is, a mixture of openness and delivery of results, with the template.

This change has reached the organizational culture of companies , in relation to its permanent and external employees, where the time spent in the offices or in person is much more punctual and is in line with the objectives set, and not the other way around.

There are companies that have seen in these new ways of working, an urgent element and of great benefit for their businesses.

In the case of Bayer , in Barcelona, is combining the use of space with a sub-rent , where the time in the office and at home is added, according to the type of function performed by the staff.

Companies like Telefónica, MásMóvil and Danone They have begun to use, in their branches around the world, applications such as Bookker, which allows to “set aside” workplaces, parking spaces, meeting rooms and even dining room tables for employees, which allows schedule trips to the office between work teams, in an organized and safe manner.

In this sense, some companies have redesigned their spaces , to offer them without offices or fixed cubicles, but open and available to any employee , any day of the week.

This reconfiguration allows you to have a workflow and available space what reorders creativity and coexistence , with healthy distance, between people and work teams; contrary to the rigid spaces in which they used to work daily.

For some companies, the reforms and changes of this model are leading to think about the possibility that, at some point, the workplace becomes a meeting point and informal coexistence with employees and clients, practically for recreational purposes after performing remote tasks.

This new labor dimension has at its center the contribution of creative ideas, interrelation and innovation; that which, from a distance, is still difficult to carry out.

Undoubtedly, these new paradigms are about to be reformulated and put to the test in corporate environments. That’s why in Vallejo Properties We know that presence continues to be a fundamental incentive in the work environment. If you want to find a ideal and well located space for your collaborators , Take a detailed look at our catalog of flexible office spaces.

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Cooperation and communication in the work environment is essential, so in some cases it can be done remotely and in others, in person.

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As we can see, the conception of work has had to adapt to new forms. Although this does not apply to all industries, as some definitely are and will continue to be face-to-face, These new options put the modified factors at the center of the discussion:

• The vertical hierarchy. The limited presence has reformulated the responsibilities of work teams and the assignment of tasks, so that horizontality has been the strongest paradigm to ensure that work teams work, trust each other and communicate better and better. way to achieve optimal results.

• Flexible schedule. In different scenarios, it has been observed that there is an increase in productivity, when there is a balance between personal and work life, without there being such rigid limits between one area and the other.

In this way, the offices, in face-to-face terms, begin to be seen as a multipurpose tool to strengthen these rearrangements of time and organization based on productivity and efficiency.

That is, the same space can be used by different work teams of the same company, at different times and with different purposes.

That is, it is no longer necessary to work according to the hours, but time runs in favor of the team to focus on what is really important.

One of the main benefits of this is that having a measured time to occupy the spaces, allows to better address the objectives and priorities, contrary to the practice of filling hours just to fill them.

Even in this scenario, it is still important to guarantee a fixed, safe and functional space for your work team that, although it may no longer be there all the time, it will surely need to have a corporate backing to meet with clients, other collaborators, take carry out some tasks and above all, know that you have a suitable space to work.

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Productivity may improve with a hybrid scheme as part of new ways of working in the corporate sector.

• Greater compensation for results. In this sense, the very concept of work has changed and now it is understood not only in terms of space or schedule, but also of the delivery of results that allows us to glimpse the progress of projects and businesses. Definitely, the space and the schedule are auxiliary for the improvement of these results.

• Greater trust in employees. As we said before, it has been very necessary that production and creativity take place in a safe environment and with good communication.

In addition to being preceded by empathic leaderships that can unite and bring operations to fruition, especially remotely, which has been a great challenge in terms of feedback, effectiveness and improvement in labor and commercial relations.

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All these points are essential to work with up-to-date management, leadership and communication practices , and, with it, be at the forefront of our sectors.

The challenge is in self-management and communication skills to separate work from home. One of the fundamental options is to provide a suitable space so as not to place the responsibility solely on professionals, who end up working all the time with their own resources from home.

In this sense, one of the main goals is to use the spaces in an intelligent, agile and much more productive way.

Work is no longer a space, but an activity, in addition to the fact that companies, rather than being hybrid organizations, form flexible networks for the growth of the company and employees.

All this must be carried out with the best tools, so offices will continue to be a strategic meeting element with the human touch so necessary, even in these times of social distancing.

At Vallejo Properties we know the importance of the flexibility of the spaces. That is why we offer various locations and surfaces that adapt to the needs of your company, either under a traditional or hybrid model. Write to us to offer you the ideal property for your business .

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