Warehouses for rent in CDMX: characteristics and recommendations

The concept of self storage as a business it emerged in the United States in 1958 (1) as an option to store your products, equipment or belongings in general, in safe spaces (1). In Mexico, this type of establishment formally arrived in the mid-2000s.

According to the Mexican Self-Storage Association (AMDAAC) there are more than 200 businesses of this type, and just over 25% of them are located in Mexico City and the Metropolitan Area (2) .

This niche is very important for certain business sectors. In fact, in 2018, 271 million pesos were invested for Fibra Storage with a Real Estate Investment Trust (3) that contemplated the final amount of 500 million pesos, destined to an area of almost 100,000 square meters (3) .

The introduction of this type of storage has been very useful because, although most of the time we associate these spaces with businesses or industrial companies, it is a reality that There are other ways to self-store your goods.

Especially considering that many office or apartment rental spaces are small and we cannot integrate everything we want in them . In addition, one of the great characteristics that stands out in this business is being accessible to everyone.

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Types of warehouses for rent

There are two general categories that are frequently used: mini-warehouses and warehouses. Both can help you for different situations: if you go on a trip or live in another city or country, whether for work, study or pleasure, in addition to those related to your business, home or office, in case of moving or remodeling.

These are some of the reference situations for the use of mini-warehouses and warehouses (1):

  • House. In case you are changing because you will start renting or paying for your home, for remodeling or simply to store your furniture in whatever you decide your destination, this is a great option.
  • Office. It applies if you need to keep furniture or files, either “dead” or “active”, to make space during a change, remodeling or permanently.
  • Deal . It serves you to protect merchandise or inventory, either temporarily or as a storage center for marketing.

The warehouses are used to store equipment, furniture or files of your home, office or business for a time or permanently.

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Mini warehouses for rent Vallejo Properties
Mini-warehouses are used to store furniture and / or documents in small volumes.

Description of the mini-warehouses

Mini-warehouses are those that meet the following space measurements: 3 m2 at 24 m2 , with an approximate height between 2 and 4 meters (4). This type of winery is ideal for your home or business, in case you are an entrepreneur or merchant , especially if you do not need to occupy an industrial space to store your belongings or products.

It also serves in case of remodeling or moving, to take care of your real estate for a period (4), or in case your new place (home or office) does not fit all your assets, so It is essential to have a space where to have them stored, and that they are available and accessible to you.

Description of the wineries for rent

The warehouses can span from 25 m 2 up to more than 100, depending on what you require, with heights similar to the mini (5). If you want to know the measures we handle at Vallejo Properties, Get in contact with us .

These types of warehouses can include, depending on the service, the loading and unloading of furniture, files and inventory for larger storage and supplies, in case your home or business is growing, remodeling or relocating.

They can also be used as a logistics center for storage and distribution (like what Amazon or MercadoLibre does) of all kinds of tools, equipment or even vehicles (5)

Zones and prices of warehouses for rent in CDMX

On the Lamudi portal we find nearly 900 warehouses for rent, also categorized as industrial warehouses, in Mexico City. The mayoralties with the most offers are Azcapotzalco, Iztapalapa, Coyoacán, Tlalpan, Álvaro Obregón, Miguel Hidalgo, Cuauhtémoc, Cuajimalpa de Morelos, Benito Juárez and Gustavo A. Madero (6).

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Within Azcapotzalco, there are three areas that stand out: Industrial Vallejo, Nextengo and San Pedro Xalpa, in that order. In the case of warehouse rental in Industrial Vallejo, there are 90 properties ranging from 338 m2 up to about 20 thousand m2 , with an average of between 100 and 150 pesos per square meter, reaching prices of more than 500 thousand pesos, depending on the location and size of the place (7).

In Vallejo Properties we have complexes for warehouse rental in Vallejo , which is a Privileged location for its industrial activity and its connection between Mexico City and the State of Mexico. In fact, in the latter, we have a complex located in Tultitlán. If you want to know more about the locations, facilities and characteristics, check our catalog .

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Warehouses for rent CDMX Vallejo Properties
In Industrial Vallejo we find an average rental price of warehouses between 100 and 150 pesos per m2, with sizes ranging from 300 to more than 20 thousand square meters.

Requirements for warehouse rental

It is important that you consider the series of requirements to formalize the rental of a space. The common files (with originals and copies, as the case may be) are:

  • Documentation . This will change if you are a natural or legal person or you are in the country as a foreigner.
    • Moral : Articles of incorporation of the company, official identification of the legal representative, Federal Taxpayers Registry (RFC) and proof of address.
    • Physical : official identification, data of three references with their RFCs and proof of address.
    • Foreigner : passport, permanent residence visa, proof of address and bank account in your name.
  • Rent and security deposit . In this regard, you will be asked for the payment corresponding to two months of rent as a security deposit for any damage that occurs during the agreed time, plus the current month of rent. This payment can have several modalities: transfer, deposit or by credit card. We recommend you verify this information with the company in charge of the place.
  • Bills . In case you are protecting merchandise, it is essential that you have all the original invoices to verify their origin and the technical characteristics of the inventoried products.
  • Contract . Finally, it is essential that all the clauses are specified in the signing of the agreement with its annexes (points about the real estate, the padlocks, security accesses, the people who must have entry and exit from the place, service personnel, anti-theft insurance , among others.). Take into account that sometimes a minimum term is requested to rent the place, so you must calculate the corresponding payment terms and amounts, and be clear about the forms of contact with the company.

To safely rent a warehouse, research the company and the requirements it requests, in addition to following the recommendations of experts in the sector.

Recommendations guide for warehouse rental

To make sure you choose the best wineries for rent, we have prepared this guide with the main points that you should take into account.

Before tackling them one by one, It is very important that, in these times of contingency due to the coronavirus, you verify that the place has the capacity to take the necessary hygiene measures : sanitization of offices, warehouses, toilets and corridors; hand washing area; and stations with antibacterial gel and mask.

In general terms, you should look for a place that gives you all the attention you need and that is related to the type of space and size you require.

Also, it is always important that you examine the trajectory of the company: if it has other branches, the diversity of location of its wineries (if you plan to expand), the proximity to main avenues, as well as the customers and years of experience.

Warehouse rental objective

The first thing to define is the objective: For what, how long are you going to store and what mobility or logistics will you give to your equipment and / or products ; that is, if you are going to use them constantly or if you are going to leave them for a long time. You may also be interested in reserving the space, if not you will occupy it immediately, or hire it right now. In any case, get in touch with us to advise you on this .

Objects and amenities in the warehouse rental

Another fundamental element is to define the type of objects to be stored, since, depending on this, you may need one cellar or another.

  • Type of objects. Specify whether it is furniture, dead archives, merchandise, inventories, household goods, specialized or industrial equipment, articles in general or of another type (1).
  • Object list . Define the series of items you are going to store. Based on that, you can calculate the space, taking into account that the objects should not be piled up or with much space to spare. However, on some occasions it will be adequate to have more meters, especially if you plan to expand or are waiting to receive and move more merchandise (8).
  • Restrictions . When you select the storage company, it is important to know what objects cannot be stored in that space. For example, in some cases, perishable items, animals and plants will be part of the restriction, as well as objects such as weapons, drugs, flammable products, explosives or those that do not prove their legal origin (1). In these cases, the prohibitions have to do with security, but you can also find spaces specially designed for certain products or services, and that have all the necessary accessories.
  • Amenities . Within the service it is important to verify that you will have personalized advice and first-rate warehouses, as this is essential to store any product. In some cases, the rent may include forklifts or platforms, packing, moving, courier and / or parcel service; loading areas (ramps) and unloading docks, access to the internet, to carts, platforms or “diablitos” for the transfer of articles, lockers for employees, parking lots, among other elements (1). We always suggest you check this at the place of rental because, on some occasions, these services are additional.

Part of the recommendations is to be clear for what, how long and what you want to keep or distribute from the warehouse.

Location of the warehouses for rent

Another fundamental point is choosing a winery with a good location. This must be decided in relation to the proximity to your home or business (if you need to go constantly), or to the marketing area where you want to go and move your products.

On this, consider that you must calculate the transport and parcel costs. It is also very important that the area is safe and quiet, so that it is a guarantee to keep your goods there (8).

Take into account your strategy based on the “Last mile”, which refers to the final delivery route to the customer or consumer . In this final phase, it is essential to concentrate resources and optimization to manage a coordinated and functional logistics (9).

Warehouse facilities for rent

A very important aspect is that the facilities are clean, safe and comfortable. For this you must verify its characteristics: offices, bathrooms, ramps, platforms, patios, parking lots and / or curtains, in quantity and quality.

In some cases it is important to know the material with which the site was built and how old it is, to determine in what state it is: if there is humidity, if it has any problem or damage with the floor, ceiling or any access (8); and if the climatic conditions are the required ones.

You should also check if you have electricity, water, gas, internet, cable and telephone services (in case they are required), in addition the passage of natural light (which for some products is very important).

For this you need to make an appointment in order to go to the place or, failing that, have access to the catalog of facilities to know more specifications of the space . It is also important that they tell you how the security and cleanliness of the place is guaranteed (and to know if this is included in the price).

For example, at Vallejo Properties we have 24/7 security, access controls, closed security circuit, excellent height for storage and stowage, offices, trailer access and semi-covered platforms, with warehouses ranging from 352 to more than 28 thousand m 2 . Check our catalog and contact us .

Warehouse rental contract

At this point, we recommend stipulating in the contract all the aspects that you require. Specifically we suggest an insurance clause If the company has an agreement with institutions in this area, which will be very important to avoid having to get it on your own.

Whether it is an agreement with the company that rents you or you request it from your side, You must verify that the company in this sector is registered with the National Insurance and Bonding Commission (CNSF) . Make sure the coverage is broad and clear in your policy regarding cases not only of theft, but also of natural phenomena such as earthquakes or extraordinary ones, such as a fire.

In the contract, it will also be useful to refer to whether you can work from the warehouse, if you ever need it, and the access hours to warehouses, to establish better control. At all times we suggest that you keep a detailed record of what you keep , to know in what condition your goods are and to be able to maintain or store them correctly.

Likewise, you need to register people who require access to the facilities , that you comply (or comply with) certain rules for the space, and in case you are going to vacate the unit, you have to notify.

You should also clearly know the cost of the rent and what it includes , in terms of services, amenities, characteristics and locations. For the issue of payments, check the options and forms available.

Warehouses for rent cdmx Vallejo Properties
Opting for the rental of warehouses to turn them into a commercial distribution center is a favorable strategy for your business.

Common and additional services in the rental of warehouses

The common services , depending on your contract and the company you agree with, they are: tanker with Water potable, cleanliness , system telephone , illumination nocturnal, maintenance of common areas, substation electric , sewer system industrial and fire system (10).

In some cases, additional services as sale of padlocks , income from shelves or racks industrial, service parcel , from digitization (for the dead file), from destruction (to reduce the documentary load, depending on what you need to keep) (11), tracing operations system video surveillance , Logistics personalized (packing, moving or transfer), emplaye Of furniture, freight , among other tools and accessories for storage (1).

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Space in this city is a problem, but also an opportunity for many personal and professional projects, with temporary or permanent purposes. . Having a clean and safe space, which at the same time is profitable, is essential for any person or company that is going through a remodel, change of location or expansion.

In fact, Having a storage and distribution center is essential for the commercial implementation of your business. Also, having a digital strategy for the growth path is very necessary in these times. For this we recommend you consult a digital marketing agency specialized in your sector.

This has made selling your products at affordable costs, in equipped places, with commercial strategies in between and locations that facilitate the transport of goods to their destination, whether key piece for your growth.
Therefore, if you want to take the next step in your business expansion, count on us at all times.


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