Rent of commercial premises CDMX: costs and benefits

Commercial activity in Mexico City will return stronger than ever, after the global contingency implemented by the coronavirus pandemic, which has halted economic and social activities due to the isolation policy.

However, this time of social distancing is an opportunity to plan a new location strategy for your business . If you are looking to open the first branch or a new area to expand, renting commercial premises in CDMX is your option.

The main sectors of activity in the city are located in
the tertiary sphere with 89.6%, while the secondary occupies 10.3% and the primary one only 0.1% (1)

In addition, the Gross Domestic Product of Mexico City represented 16.8% and ranked first with respect to the national indices (2). This accounts for how strategic it is to occupy a space in the commercial spectrum of the city.

Specifically, within tertiary activities are commerce (15.8%), financial and insurance services (12.6%), and real estate and property rental services (9.5%).

rent of premises in mexico city Vallejo Properties
Tertiary activities demand the rent of commercial spaces in Mexico City.

Regarding the number of commercial spaces, In Inmuebles24 there are more than 2,300 premises for rent in Mexico City , ranging from 10 m 2 of land up to about 70 thousand (3).

On the Lamudi portal, there are about 2,000 stores, mostly located in the municipalities of Cuauhtémoc, Azcapotzalco, Coyoacán, Tlalpan, Álvaro Obregón, Miguel Hidalgo, Cuajimalpa de Morelos, Benito Juárez and Gustavo A. Madero (4).

As you can see, there is a wide range of stores, so we suggest that you take into account the greatest amount of information to decide on one: evaluate the area, the market and prices.

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Also, consider that it should be a suitable space for the needs of your business. That is why in this article we will see data on two of the most important commercial areas in the city: Centro and Vallejo.

Premises for rent CDMX Centro: characteristics of the area and prices

The downtown area, which belongs to the Cuauhtémoc mayor’s office, It is one of the most sought after at a commercial, residential and entertainment level, since all the time there are activities. According to, the number of premises for rent in this area amounts to just over 100 (5).

Aerial view of Mexico City for rent Commercial premises rental Vallejo Properties
The rental of commercial premises in the CDMX has great supply and demand.

Prices in the downtown area range from 2,700 per 9 m 2 until
the more than 200 thousand pesos (6).

Without a doubt, this is the most important commercial center in the city; for this reason its demand is very high and its prices too. This is due to the intense commercial and tourist activity , which is mainly concentrated in the pedestrian corridors of Madero or 16 de Septiembre, where there is great restaurant and bar activity.

According to Lamudi, the current price per square meter in the area is 353 pesos , approximately (7). In this same portal, the location of the space has subcategories, that is, you can find a place in a shopping center, in an entertainment area, as part of a commercial lot, an industrial warehouse or a micro and small business store.

These types of characteristics are essential to define the next location of your business. Remember that the success of your company also depends on where it is located.

Premises for rent CDMX Vallejo: characteristics of the area and prices

In the case of the Vallejo area We found 104 premises for rent (8) with an approximate cost of 123 pesos per m 2 , and a rental price that can reach more than 60 thousand pesos . If you want to check other prices in the area, contact us for more information.

Regarding prices in general , not only of this, but of any other case, it is necessary to take into account what rental references (or sale) of a premises depend on the price managed in the area, the approximate price catalog of the Mexican Chamber of the Construction Industry (CMIC) for affiliated companies, and the ranges provided by other consultants in the field.

To this can be added the fresh information from portals such as, which locates the intention to offer a store in the market (9).

If what you are looking for is a winery, we recommend you read our article:
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One of the fundamental characteristics of Vallejo is that an industrial estate is formed which incorporates units from Azcapotzalco, Gustavo A. Madero and Tlalnepantla; the known as Vallejo Industrial Zone , whose main road is the Calzada de Vallejo that connects the State of Mexico with the CDMX (10).

Map of Premises for rent CDMX Vallejo Properties
The Vallejo Industrial Zone is a commercial premises rental area, fundamental in CDMX.

The main manufacturing activities in this area are concentrated in 11 branches: manufacture of machinery and equipment, basic metal industries, clothing, transport equipment, electricity generation, furniture and related products, various manufacturing industries, non-metallic mineral products, food , manufacture of textiles and paper (10).

All these activities make up more than 50% of the employed population, added value and economic units of the Azcapotzalco mayor’s office (10).

As you can see, this area is especially active in the industrial sector, so if you have a business (or plan to have it) in any of these areas, you need to consider this area for the rent of commercial premises, since it is a delimited and economically active area.

In addition, it is an area with potential because in 2019 the Government of Mexico City presented the Vallejo project I , “Which seeks to consolidate the most important industrial innovation zone in the Metropolitan Area of the Valley of Mexico” (11).

The project consists of the installation of a waste transfer plant solid , in creating a School of Energy , from the National Polytechnic Institute ( IPN ), and one public-private conversion for an amount of 30 million pesos .

Thus, the future of this area is based on investment and financing , solid waste recycling and circular economy, as part of the smart industrialization process , which will focus on this development zone.

Of course, This will cause an increase in the economy, jobs and connectivity with other parts of the city . This investment pole occupied by large national and international companies, unique in the City (12), will never be the same again. Contact us to be part of the industrial development of the area.

The Vallejo Industrial Zone occupies more than 500 hectares,
unique extension in Mexico City with this twist.

Recommendations for the rental of commercial premises in Mexico City

As a product of our experience, we share the following points to rent a space according to your needs (13):

1. Define the turn and the audience you are targeting . This will help you determine the areas of greatest importance to your business and you may have several options to start or expand. In addition to observing the physical environment, it is important that you consider digital strategies for your business, since it is a fundamental and complementary way to reach your target audience. This can be achieved using tools such as SEO or Google Ads .

2. Investigate the tenant company . It is important that you validate the company behind the rental agreement so that you do not get any unpleasant surprises. You need to check that all documentation and permits are in order.

3. Calculate your rental expense . This is very important to take the next step, since the first thing is to have a reasonable budget that allows you to sign a contract with some peace of mind. For this we recommend not spending more than a third of your profit.

4. Choose the most suitable location. This includes determining if the space it is useful and safe (how the place is divided and operated, if it has parking, if the measurements of the place coincide with what you require), competition in the area (if there are similar turns), the accessibility (how easy it is to get there and what are the nearby transport routes), the infrastructure (the availability of services and products around) and the size of the premises (14), as well as the materials what is it made of, especially if you turn It is more industrial, as you will need specific structures and floors.

If you consider that it does not comply 100% with what you need, but you can equip or reform it, you must agree with the tenant regarding these changes.

5. Agree the contract . Once you identify the place to rent, you must agree on all the rental clauses. Unlike a housing operation, in this case there is no specific format, so the points may vary, but we recommend that the operation be as detailed as possible and that it be in writing, for both parties.

This means that they must determine data such as place and date, information about the property, the state of the property , the duration of the contract, the figure to pay (if it includes services or not), the shape and the deadlines to do so, the amount for the Deposit , the possibility of subletting, the clause of banns and the terms end of delivery.

6. Notify the authorities . To do this, you must go to the single window of the corresponding mayor’s office to process the commercial permit. You can also see this together with the tenant to define how to proceed because it is very important that you have it in order.

Aerial view of Vallejo Industrial Zone for rent of commercial premises CDMX Vallejo Properties
At Vallejo Properties we make you part of the Vallejo Industrial Zone by renting a commercial space in this area.


Finally, we recommend that, as soon as you make the decision to rent a space, you confirm that the company that manages it carries out all the paperwork and the rental contract.

It is also essential that, unlike housing income, be clear about the type of activities that can be carried out in that space , taking into account that you may need insurance coverage and renovations to the space.

Therefore, in Vallejo Properties we are dedicated to select and prepare places with the aim that they are suitable and safe for you and your business. Get to know our offer of commercial premises.

For example in Your Market we have options for 12 kitchens in a 378 m premises 2 , which includes common dining rooms, bathrooms / dressing rooms, garbage area, in addition to services such as water, electricity, gas, drainage, Wi-Fi and television.

Also, in Catalog Square, which is part of our offer of properties, we have more than 4 thousand m 2 of commercial premises that have bathroom, parking and mezzanine. Therefore, if you are interested in this area and want to know the m 2 available, Do not hesitate to contact us to see together the next space of your business.


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