Commercial spaces

Plaza Juárez

Plaza Juárez Av. Presidente Juárez 96 Bellavista · Edo. de Mex Commercial spaces for rent with an excellent location in Tlalnepantla Located on Av. Presidente Juárez, a few steps from Puente de Vigas on Col. Bellavista, this square has incredible venues facing the main avenue, which has a high traffic and pedestrian flow. In this […]

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Comercial spaces for rent Vallejo Properties

Plaza Gastronómica

Plaza del Gastronómica Av. Sunset 146 624 Industrial Vallejo · CDMX An incredible commercial space for rent within the Industrial Vallejo commercial corridor The common area for all diners is equipped with screens and cable TV, Wi-Fi, electrical connections, and bathrooms, as well as tables, bars, and benches so that guests can sit down to

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Plaza del Catalogo

Plaza del Catalogo North 45 1019 Industrial Vallejo · CDMX Great commercial space located in the most important commercial corridor of the Vallejo Industrial Zone This commercial space on Norte #45, is located on the most important commercial corridor in the Vallejo Industrial area, with a great variety of shops of all kinds just a

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Campirano Av. Montevideo 636 Gustavo A. Madero · CDMX 1,400 m² commercial space located in the Lindavista Vallejo commercial area This 1,400 m² commercial property is located at the most important intersection of the Lindavista Vallejo commercial area, right on the corner of Montevideo and Eje Central. The front on Av. Montevideo, right in front

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Doctor Valenzuela 85

Doctor Valenzuela 85 Calle Dr Valenzuela 85 Cuauhtémoc · CDMX 140 m² commercial space with front facing Dr. Valenzuela 140 m² commercial space, very close to government offices, homes and shops. This property is located only one street from Eje Central, one of the most important and commercial avenues in the city, which makes the

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